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Attending New York Boys State Essay Example For Students

Attending New York Boys State Essay Being accepted and then attending New York Boys State were two separate journeys that marked a new beginning in my life. Before Boys State, I never even heard of it, it was completely unknown to me which frightened me but at the same time increased my curiosity. My guidance counselor was the one who presented it to me believing that I would be an excellent candidate. I still couldnt just attend Boys State, I had to go through an interview with my towns American Legion who would be sending me to Boys State. I already knew that the interview wasnt going to be easy because going to Boys State was a huge honor and they werent going to accept an average student. I knew I had to be successful in my interview and present myself in the best way possible in order to attend Boys State. I still remember sitting in the car before my interview and begging my mom to take me home because I was still very nervous about it. Was I going to freeze up? Was I going to get embarrassed? were some of the questions going through my head. All dressed up, I nervously sat down for the interview in front of the president and vice-president of the American Legion. Sit up straight. Answer the questions efficiently. Smile Tanner. Were just just some commands I had going through my head as the interview went on. I knew that if I kept controlled that the interview would be a success and I would sent honorably to New York Boys State. After the interview had been completed I smiled, shook the mens hands and walked out. Three days later I got the call. I was going to be sent to Boys State! Now that I look back, I remember not being very excited. I had no idea what was going to happen there. If only I knew about the experiences I would go through. Instead, I was content being accepted. However, the clear goal and experience of Boys State was very confusing, even after my guidance counselor and the leaders at American Legion explained what was going to happen there. All I knew was that I was going to Morrisville College, where Boys State was held, for six days at the end of the school year. I wouldve never had expected what actually occurred while I was there. My experiences were life changing. Barely awake, I shuffled to the bathroom on a beautiful, summer morning at the crack of dawn. Had my two bags packed full of clothes, toiletries, baseball glove, etc, and chucked them into the back of my dads car with bagel in mouth and coffee in hand. Leave your phone inside. my dad said to me, it was forbidden to have phones for the duration of my time at Boys State. Said my final goodbyes and I was off to the Park and Ride to catch my bus for an 8 hour ride to Morrisville.

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To Kill a Mockingbird Calpurnia, Miss Maudie and Caroline Fisher Essay Example

To Kill a Mockingbird: Calpurnia, Miss Maudie and Caroline Fisher Paper Draw similarities and differences between Calpurnia, Miss Maudie and Caroline Fisher, particularly in their relationship to Scout In To Kill a Mockingbird, Scout narrates her early life as a child. Motherless, the women in her life are quite significant to her in modelling her from a feminine point of view. In the beginning of the book, the three main women in her life are Calpurnia, the house maid, Miss Maudie, a friendly neighbour and Caroline Fisher, her teacher when she starts school. All these women have one thing in common they all influence her at this tender age. Miss Caroline seems to be viewed in a negative light by Scout; in contrast, Miss Maudie is described as our [Jem and Scouts] friend. Calpurnia, being the closest to scout is described as having a tyrannical presence but is described with love and affection. Caroline Fisher is the youngest of the three, being no more than twenty-one. In usual circumstances, it is the younger generation who enforce new ideas into society and who are more open minded. This is not the case with Caroline Fisher. Although she comes up with a new teaching method, she follows it rigidly and makes everyone in her class work on the same level which consequences with a clash with the intelligent Scout. As a result of being told off for being able to read and write, Scout starts to feel confused and is even told off for defending her father, telling her teacher that he didnt teach her how to read. Caroline fisher is quick tempered and instead of listening to Scout she whips her. Thus, it is hardly surprising that Scout comes to resent her teacher. Scout says she would have felt sorry for her, illustrating how she is being active in making sure she does not grow fond of her teacher. We will write a custom essay sample on To Kill a Mockingbird: Calpurnia, Miss Maudie and Caroline Fisher specifically for you for only $16.38 $13.9/page Order now We will write a custom essay sample on To Kill a Mockingbird: Calpurnia, Miss Maudie and Caroline Fisher specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer We will write a custom essay sample on To Kill a Mockingbird: Calpurnia, Miss Maudie and Caroline Fisher specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer Although not young like Fisher, Maudie Atkinson is a kind hearted and amicable with Scout. She is an open minded with her own opinions and thinks for herself, unlike Caroline Fisher, who sticks to what she has been taught with no exceptions. Atkinson, contrary to Fisher, is always nice to towards Scout and always listens to what she has to say, even after her house has been burnt down. Although in other affairs she is said to have an acid tongue, she is always pleasant around the children, making them cakes and earning the honour of Scout calling her the best lady I know. Calpurnia, although described as having a tyrannical presence, is viewed with love, especially as Scout gets older. As the only woman of their household, Calpurnia can be argued to be the most important woman in her early life. As Scout doesnt remember much about her mother, Calpurnia is all she has that is close to one. Calpurnia teaches her various lessons in life, like how not to offend your guests. Although Scout says Calpurnia is always ordering me out the kitchen, she does start missing the child when she goes to school and makes her crackling bread, her favourite food. Whats more, when Jem starts to object to playing with Scout, Calpurnia offers for her to stay in the kitchen for company. She is sensitive to Scouts moods and on one occasion after observing that Scout was dismal, kisses her, even though Scout is not used to such expressions of attachment. Calpurnia also nicknames Scout baby, illustrating her fondness to Scout. All these points strongly show that Calpurnia and S cout do have a caring relationship. In these ways, the three women have taken different approaches in communicating with Scout. Calpurnia and Fisher are both educated, but have dissimilar ideas of teaching Fisher thinks it should be left completely to the education authorities, whilst Calpurnia taught her son and Scout herself. Caroline and Miss Maudie are both white, but that doesnt make their conduct or values similar, in fact Atkinson is more like Calpurnia in the way she treats children. Fisher and Calpurnia are both authorative figures in Scouts life, and can be controlling, whereas Maudie Atkinson is more of a friend to Scout. Calpurnia and Atkinson both hold Atticus in high respect while Caroline Fisher insists he has done damage to his daughters education, even though she has not yet met him. After studying the three women in depth, one could come to the conclusion that the three women are nothing like each other. They are certainly all influential to Scout, but it seems Calpurnia has the most impact. These women let the reader perceive the spectrum of Maycombs women: from young to old, strict to mellow, black to white.

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Top 9 Job Market Trends Youll See in 2017- TheJobNetwork

Top 9 Job Market Trends Youll See in 2017- TheJobNetwork There are a lot of variables going into any given year that might affect the job market or economic climate in general. In 2017, with new administrations, this is even more true. Fortunately, there are a few trends we already know we can expect for this year. 1. Candidate/Employee SatisfactionAfter facing a lot of bad press for subpar candidate experience and employee dissatisfaction, companies are now trying to boost their PR by proving that they have a constructive and better experience for applicants. Companies are also paying attention to employee loyalty and retention and how to boost those things. Data scientists are starting to pay attention to the HR process in general. This means it’s going to be a better environment for new hires and job seekers if these trends keep up.2. AutomationThis has been a worry for years, but it seems only to be trending more and more. Blue collar jobs in manual labor and manufacturing have long been impacted, and that impact will only grow. But tech jobs and other white collar opportunities are likely to shrink, as analytic tools are becoming more automated as computers get smarter. If you’re in a job likely to be replaced by automation, start figuring out how to tweak or transition now while you’re not up against any walls.3. Awareness of Gendered PayCompanies are finally starting to pay attention to the fact that women are paid consistently less for doing the same work. Employers will hopefully start taking action in 2017 to correct this pay gap.4. Goodbye GigsThe so-called gig economy isn’t going to be so dominant. (And, in fact, only about 4.3% of the population makes money from platforms like Uber, Airbnb, etc.) Jobs are prizing creativity, judgment, personal skills, and critical thinking- all things that require working as a team and don’t allow for as much location or schedule flexibility.5. A Decrease in  BenefitsFewer and fewer companies are offering benefits- let alone the flash y packages of Cadillac perks. Say goodbye to free food, gym passes, game pods, on-site acupuncture, even paid leave. If you can get a pension and health care, you’ll be doing really well.6. The Rise of FreelanceMore and more, the â€Å"blended† workforce will become a dominant thing, with teams being built of long-term and freelance employees. Offices will hire on-demand to get out of offering benefits or to handle short-term projects on a case by case basis. As much as 40% of the workforce might be freelance in the coming year.7. Constant ReviewThe concept of the â€Å"annual review† is on the wane. Expect to be evaluated more casually, more often, and without the usual warning/on-boarding.8. Emphasis on â€Å"The Team†The concept of the team will reign supreme, and might even be more important than individual performance. Companies will start to restructure, making teams a huge priority, and focusing on â€Å"organizational design.†9. Casual Cult ureCasual Fridays attire might become the norm. Fewer and fewer jobs are requiring employees to show up in suits and ties these days. Company cultures are becoming a bit more open, with shared workspace and lax dress codes. Don’t let this affect your performance though; that should never be casual!

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Microeconomic Phenomenon In Daily Life Term Paper

Microeconomic Phenomenon In Daily Life - Term Paper Example The paper tells how in January 25, 2011, Egyptians took to the streets in protest of dysfunctional political and economic systems in their nation. The youth took the forefront in revealing economic predicaments that had riddled their lives for a long time. In the process, members of the public engaged in confrontations with military personnel in a struggle which resulted in overthrow of Egyptian president Mubarak. The revolution period ushered in adoption of a new government system and new economic policies for Egyptian people. Immediately after the revolution, macroeconomic aspects of productivity had significantly reduced. The military regime that took over tried to restore economic sanity through measures which would take longer to yield the desired effect than expected. In this regard, Egyptian economic environment witnessed profound microeconomic predicaments in the period after revolution. Inflation effects are attributed to effects of revolution on Egyptian financial markets. In this context, Egyptian currency dropped substantially after the revolution to unprecedented low levels in the nation’s history. Egyptian net reserves for foreign currency featured at $ 30 billion in March 2011. This value represents a significant decrease since its reserves in January was approximately $33 billion. Based on theoretical effects of decreased dollar reserves within a nation’s economic system, Egyptian pound suffered a setback in value. Like most nations across the globe, Egyptian central bank has no mandate to depreciate the US dollar value. In this case, the only option to achieve a desired micro-economic trend would be to reduce purchasing power of affected currency. In the first attempt to improve the situation, Egyptian central bank purchased more pounds into their reserve stocks. These efforts fell into dead ends after dollar reserves hindered this tactical move. As a contingency plan, Egyptian central bank deliberately left deposit rates as 8.25%, while lending at a 9.75% for approximately 12 hours every week (Fraser 87). In practical application, these low interest rates were supposed to improve Egyptian currency value in order to reverse negative trends within the financial markets. Immediately after the revolution, foreign investors under sponsorship of the European Union staged a world economic summit in Alexandria. The summit aimed at addressing economic effect of revolution and increasing inflation, whi ch posed